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Latest updates around the PBA.

  1. Topex Robinson, the pesky guard has officially left the Reb Bull team in favor of joining Purefoods. Unfortunately, Topex was not able to join the team for the invitational practice with the Qatar national team in Qatar and the Singapore Slingers in Singapore since he was a late addition for the team’s rooster.
  2. Red Bull has now officialy signed their 2008 draftees, Larry Rodriguez and Jeff Chan, While Big Mac Marc Andaya was let go by the team and fighting for slots now for the team are Kiko Adriano, Paolo Hubalde and Al Magpayo.
  3. Reed Juntilla will be kick out soon by the Redbull management for being AWOL (absent without leave),  rumor has it that Juntilla is still with his girlfriend in Cebu. and Juntilla has lots of history regarding being AWOL with his previous teams.
  4. Mick Pennisi, the last orginal Redbull will soon leave the the team, completion of deals of the trade is being discuss with San Miguel. Exchange for the trade will be future draft picks. San Miguel on the other hand needs big men hence Danny ILdefonso is still injured and Eman Samigue is strengthening his legs in the US. So it leaves as their only player at center position now is Dorian Peña
  5. Air21’s 2008 draft picks who are Mark Borboran and Cholo Villanueva have officially signed contracts for the team. and they will be keeping JC Intal this season. They have now a total of 12 players on their rooster. And Other news about Jaworski to coach the team is still unclear.
  6. The Singapore Slingers still wants the services of Jason Castro after they released the player to Talk n Text. But Talk n Text Management turns down the offer of the Singapore based team. And Obviously Castro opted out from the Slingers after the Slingers Left the Australlian based Basketball Leauge (NBL)
  7. Over at Barangay Ginebra camp,. the management is still looking for Rudy Hatfield, Rudy left the team to attend his marriage with his girlfriend at US, it has already been more than a season since Rudy Left and he has still a contract left with the team and Ginebra has still rights to Rudy Hatfield..


  1. Gary David
  2. Arwind Santos
  3. Ranidel de Ocampo
  4. Wynne Arboleda
  5. Doug Kramer
  6. Homer Se
  7. Marvin Cruz
  8. Niño Cañaleta
  9. Paolo Bugia (Pick up from free agent pool, Last played with Redbull)

Draft Pick Ups

  1. Mark Borboran
  2. Cholo Villanueva

Trading Block

  1. Gabby Espinas (sent to Redbull for 1st round pick next year)
  2. JC Intal (no takers as of now)

Alaska Aces

  1. JR Quiñahan
  2. Joachim Toss
  3. LA Tenorio
  4. JunJun Cabatu
  5. Larry Fonacier
  6. Willie Miller
  7. Reynel Hugnatan
  8. Jeffrey Cariaso
  9. Anthony Dela Cruz
  10. John Ferriols
  11. Ervin Sotto (Pick up from free agent pool, Last played with Air21)
  12. Joe Devance (aquired from Rain or Shine Thru trade involving 2008 first round pick Solomon Mercado and veteran Eddie Laure with Two Future draft Picks)

Draft Pick Ups

  1. Kelvin dela Peña

Reserves – A.K.A. (Free Agent)

  1. Edward Juinio

Barangay Ginebra

  1. Billy Mamaril
  2. Rafi Reavis
  3. Ronald Tubid
  4. Paul Artadi
  5. Junthy Valenzuela
  6. Jayjay Heltherbrand
  7. Chris Pacana
  8. Eric Menk
  9. Alex Crisano
  10. Mark Caguioa
  11. Sunday Salvacion
  12. Victor Pablo


  1. Macky Escalona
  2. Rodney Santos
  3. Willy Wilson
  4. JR Aquino
  5. Mike Holper

Coca Cola

  1. Nic Belasco
  2. Alex Cabagnot
  3. Cesar Catli
  4. Aris Dimaunahan
  5. Ronjay Beunafe
  6. Mark Telan
  7. Jason Misolas
  8. Mark Macapagal
  9. Kenneth Duremdes
  10. Ronjay Enrile
  11. Ricky Calimag
  12. John Arigo
  13. Asi Taulava

San Miguel (Formerly Magnolia)

  1. Mike Cortez
  2. Jonas Villanueva
  3. Dorian Peña
  4. Dondon Hontiveros
  5. Danny ILdefonso
  6. Wesley Gonzales
  7. Marc Pingris
  8. Olsen Racela
  9. Ken Bono
  10. Chester Tolomia
  11. Samigue Eman
  12. Danny Siegle
  13. Chris Calaguio

Draft / Trade Pick Ups

  1. Jay Washington (aquired from Talk n Text in exchange of 2008 first round pick turns out to be Jason Castro)
  2. Bonbon Custodio (2008 first round pick)


  1. Chico lanete
  2. Jondan Salvador
  3. Peter June Simon
  4. Enrico Villanueva
  5. James Yap
  6. Kerby Raymundo
  7. Brandon Cablay
  8. Beu Belga (2008 first round pick)
  9. Chad Alonzo (From PBL harbour Center)
  10. Aaron Aban (Free agent From Alaska)
  11. Jonathan Fernandez (2008 2nd round pick)

Fighting For Slots

  1. Richard Yee
  2. Ardy Larong
  3. Rob Sanz
  4. Al Vergara (rookie Free Agent)


  1. Rey Evangelista
  2. Noy Castillo

Injured List

  1. Rommel Adducul (Cancer Survivor)


  1. Reed Juntilla
  2. Celino Cruz
  3. Warren Ybañez
  4. Topex Robinson
  5. Mick Pennisi
  6. Cyrus Baguio
  7. Francis Adriano
  8. Rich Alavarez
  9. Jojo Duncil
  10. Leo Najorda
  11. Carlo Sharma
  12. Mike Hrabak
  13. Mark Andaya

Draft / Trade Pick Ups

  1. Larry Rodriguez (2008 first round pick)
  2. Jeffrey Chan (2008 2nd round pick)
  3. Mark Anthony Cuevas ( 2008 2nd round pick)
  4. Gabby Espinas (from Air21 in exchange of first round pick next year)

Sta. Lucia

  1. Nelbert Omolon
  2. Paolo Mendoza
  3. Philip Butel
  4. Ryan Reyes
  5. Marlou Aquino
  6. Dennis Daa
  7. Dennis Espino
  8. Joseph Yeo
  9. Melvin Mamaclay
  10. Kelly Williams
  11. Norman Gonzales
  12. Dennis Miranda
  13. Christian Coronel

Draft / Trade Pick Ups

  1. Kelvin Gregorio (2008 First Round Pick)
  2. Chito Jaime (2008 2nd Round pick)
  3. Christian Cabatu (2008 2nd Round pick)

Talk n Text

  1. Jimmy Alapag
  2. Harvey Carrey
  3. Jec Chia
  4. Yousif Aljamal
  5. Renren Ritualo
  6. Mark Cardona
  7. Yancy De Ocampo
  8. Egay Billiones
  9. Don Allado
  10. Ali Peek
  11. Jason Castro (2008 First Round Pick, Last played with Singapore Slingers)
  12. Jared Dilinger (2008 First Round Pick)
  13. Rob Reyes (2008 First Round Pick)
  14. Pong Esobal (2008 2nd Round Pick)


  1. Felix Belano
  2. Gilbert Lao

Rain or Shine (Formerly Welcoat)

  1. Jay R Reyes
  2. Rob Wainwright
  3. Ryan Araña
  4. Jireh Ibanes
  5. Mark Isip
  6. Froilan Baguion
  7. Joey Mente
  8. Denver Lopez (reactivated from injured list)
  9. Jerome Ejercito (aquired from free agent pool)
  10. Gabe Norwood (1st pick of 2008)
  11. Solomon Mercado (pick up thru trade with Joe Devance to Alaska +plus two future draft picks)
  12. Eddie Laure (pick up thru trade with Joe Devance to Alaska +plus two future draft picks)
  13. Ty Tang (pick fron 2008 draft)

Reserves – A.K.A. (Free Agent)

  1. Estong Balesteros
  2. Donald Dulay
  3. Niño Gelig
  4. Jercules Tangkay
  5. Allan Salangsang
  6. Adonis Sta. Maria