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The Mandaue Business Month Lan Party Registration site is now up and running.
If you’re planning to join,

please register at MBM Lan Party Registration Site

See yah there!

Date & Venue: August 23-24, 2008 8:00 am to 8:00 am@Mandaue CICC

I. Definition of a Lan Party

A LAN party is a temporary, sometimes spontaneous, gathering of people together with their computers, which they network together primarily for the purpose of playing multiplayer computer games. These local area networks (LANs) come in various sizes, from very small (two people) to very large (more than 10,000 people). Small parties can form spontaneously, but large ones usually require a fair amount of planning and preparation on the part of the organizer. More here


II. The Goal
– To gather as many as 500 participants to play a variety multiplayer games.

– Showcase participants’ modified or “modded” PCs and consoles.

– Inform participants and event spectators of the latest trend and cutting edge technology in PC products and services.

– Encourage IT(Information Technology) awareness.

– Put Cebu on the map as the first to host such an event of this size.

– Showcase Cebu as the premiere destination for the IT industry in the Philippines.


III. The activities involved in the MBM LAN Party

1. Gaming(5-8 Game Booths) with the following planned games:

a. Call of Duty 4


c. Counter-strike Sourced.

d. NBA Live

e. Need For Speed

*Games may vary depending on participant registration


2. PC Modding Competition – Voting will be done by the LP attendants

3. Freeware and shareware file sharing, tips and tricks sharing, customization and upgrades.

4. Meet/EB with fellow enthusiasts, as well as a chance to mingle with PC and Gaming experts

5. PSP Eyeball and Meet

6. Gathering of gadget enthusiasts and gamers of all platforms. PC and Gadget Show.

IV. Setups and Conditions

a. Location –CICC Plenary Hall, good for more than 500 PCs and accessories, including a PC/Gadget show, booths to be sold to PC suppliers/retailers.

b. Event tie ups:
BFW Gaming (

Fine Upgrades (

Ngenius IT Hub (

c. Pre-registration on BFW Forum starting July 16, 2008

d. Tickets will be available in Ngenius Stores, Fine Upgrades, Royal Pictures Ayala and Marina Mall

e. Teams composed of 5 gamers maximum

f. Prizes:
For Game Champions, 1st and 2nd runner up(team based and individual)PC Modding/Customization Champion, 1st and 2nd runner up

g. Raffle prizes

h. Tickets include 1 vote card and raffle stub

i. Sale items from Booth Sponsors, PC and hardware retailers

j. Overclocking competition

V. Event owners

a. Mike Pato –Trustee, Mandaue Chamber of Commerce Email:

b. Ryan Yu –Fine Upgrades( Email:

c. Brian Gerona –ACME Web(, BFW Gaming( Email:

d. Brian Chua –Trustee, Mandaue Chamber of Commerce Email:

e. Mandaue Chamber Secretariat –Contact: Kaye/Silou Tel.: 032 4202252

f. MBM Chairman: Mr. Wilson Ng

VI. Security

-pc’s are secured in the CICC plenary hall

VII. Rates

PhP350.00 –for gamers and those bringing rigs/PCs,

PhP50.00 –for spectators and those without rigs

PhP40.00/hour –PC rental

VIII. Tournament Info

Teams who are interested in joining the tournament are required to register their forms@

Call of Duty 4 -> Call of Duty 4: Registration and Game Mechanics

Counter Strike:Source -> Counter Strike:Source: Registration and Game Mechanics

DOTA:All Stars -> DOTA All STARS: Registration and Game Mechanics

Maximum of 20 teams per game only. (First come, First serve basis)

P350.00 Registration Fee with Free TSHIRT.(per head)

Add P200.00 For LCD monitor (limited stocks)

-Free Tshirt-Raffle Ticket which last throughout the event

-Voting Stubs for Mod and OC competition

-Get a chance to win CASH PRIZES on the TOURNAMENTS.

-Free Internet

-P50.00 Entrance Fee for Viewers

P75,000 Worth of first prizes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


FIRST PLACE- P25,000.00 Per Team + Trophy on each of these 5 on 5 tournaments


– Final Battles will be Covered on RCTV for a New GAMING SERIES SHOW!



Join now!If you wish to know more about the event, please visit -> About MBM Lan Party

IX. Registration for the Tournament proper

Registration site is up!!!

Please Register @MBM Lan Party