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Now were talking, it’s about time someone has to step up and dig more about this matter.

So whats about the LTO driver’s drug test? for me , this drug testing is pain in the pocket because its kind of pointless to have drug testing and medical check up upon renewing a license or registering a new license. Because, the kind of drug testing they conduct is really not that accurate. and also it is very costly, where in fact the rate should have been only 50 pesos rather than 300 pesos. I was even surprised when I myself renewed my license, it almost cost me 800 pesos for the the whole process, and that would be the license renewal plus medical check up and plus drug testing. and I find this medical checkup and drug testing a waste of money because its really up to no good. When i had my medical check up with this so called physician, he was just asking me questions and after a few minutes, tada! were done. and then goes the urine testing for drug testing purposes, and the testing only took a few minutes and later my name was called and my license got renewed.

I could say that this drug testing is kind of scheme so that they can earn more profit, were supposedly the price should only be 50pesos instead of 300pesos or so. These people are making this drug testing a business. It would be better if drug testing should only be mandatory to someone who has criminal records or have traffic cases. And for drug testing, it shoud be done randomly where police make check points in random places and do some drug testing on suspicious drivers. That way they can caught the drug addicts with evidence. Because with drug testing centers, anybody can cheat his way and get his license renewed. With the kind of government officials we have, anybody can bribe his way to freedom.

So i concluded that drug testing should not be mandatory for renewing a driver’s license. period!