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PBA 2008 Draft results:


1.) Gabe Norwood, Rain or Shine (George Mason University)
2.) Jared Dillinger, Talk ‘N Text (University of Hawaii)
3.) Jason Castro, Talk ‘N Text (Philippine Christian University)
4.) Rob Reyes, Talk ‘N Text (Flagler College)
5.) Solomon Mercado, Alaska (Biola University)
6.) Mark Borboran, Air21 (University of the East)
7.) Beau Belga, Purefoods (Philippine Christian University)
8.) Bonbon Custudio, San Miguel (University of the East)
9.) Larry Rodriguez, Red Bull (Philippine Maritime Institute)
10.) Kelvin Gregorio, Sta. Lucia (University of the East)

11.) John Paul Escobal, Talk ‘N Text (San Beda College)
12.) Tyrone Tang, Rain or Shine (De La Salle University)
13.) Cholo Villanueva, Air21 (De La Salle University)
14.) Chito Jaime, Sta. Lucia (AMA Computer University)
15.) Kelvin dela Peña, Alaska (Mapua Institute of Technology)
16.) Jonathan Fernandez, Purefoods (National University)
17.) Jeffrey Chan, Red Bull (Far Eastern University)
18.) Mark Anthony Cuevas, Red Bull (Los Angeles County College)
19.) — team passed —
20.) Christian Cabatu, Sta. Lucia (College of St. Benilde)





1. Mark Yee
. Nat Cruz
3. Lawrence Bonus
4. Patrick Cabahug
5. Frank Nailon
6. Kevin Dalafu
7. Nestor David
8. Ryan Regalado
9. Mike Dizon
10. Eder Saldua




Rain or Shine
eeds: PG, Go-to-guy
What they got:
Gabe Norwood (1st Pick) TY Tang (12th Pick)
Gabe Norwood is a no brainer, he is a complete package for Rain or Shine, while TY Tang will solve the PG position of the team.
A- Picks are great, but still bench is shallow


Needs: team is full of talent but lacks chemistry
What they got:
Jared Dillinger(2nd Pick) Jason Castro(3rd Pick) Rob Reyes(4th Pick) Pong Escobal(11th pick)
TNT is the Valedictorian of the draft, getting the best talent available.. Jared is still a mystery of Pinoy fans but Scouts says that he is the next best talent to Norwood, Castro is a former PBL MVP and now the first pinoy to get a contract with an NBL team(australia)(but Slingers is not a part of it anymore) Castro can shoot, defend, and pass. Rob Reyes, is the best Big Man of this draft. Pong Escobal can play 1-2 depending on what their coach ask of him.
A+ Picks are great but the team needs chemistry


Needs: PG, Big Man
What they got:
Solomon Mercado(5th Pick) Kelvin DelaPeña(15th Pick)
Mercado is a big guard that will replace Cariaso if he finally retires, while DelaPeña is a former NCAA MVP, and will definitely play the 1 position for alaska, the spot what alaska really lacks.
B+ still lacks Big Man


Air 21
Needs: Big Man, PG
What they got:
Mark Borboran(6th Pick) Cholo Villanueva(13th Pick)
Borboran is a good player and is a leader, he can shoot 3 and post smaller 2guards but he is too slow for 2 and too small for 3. Cholo, like Borboran is a leader for your team he is not a PG and too small for 2guard.
B-did not solve what they really needs


Needs: SF, J-yap’s Backup
What they got:
Beau Belga(7th Pick) Jonathan Fernandez(16th Pick)
Belga is the 2nd Best Big Man in the draft at the same time, he is still young and still lot of time to improve. Fernandez is a go-to-guy in college now he is the back-up of James Yap.
B still needs SF

Needs: (do they really need anything?)
What they got:
BonBon Custodio(8th Pick)
BonBon is a great player that can play 1-2 position, he was a beast in UAAP and in Liga Filipinas
B They got J-wash for a minimal prize and they also got a good PG


Red Bull
Needs: Big Man
What they got:
Larry Rodriguez(9th Pick) Jeff Chan(17th Pick) Mark Cuevas(18th Pick)
Rodriguez is a hard worker a will fit into Yeng’s system instantly, Chan can shoot the lights out, and most definitely will be another Star Player in the making for RB.
B+ Rodriguez and Chan are both steals


Sta Lucia
Needs: 2nd stringers, BIg Man
What they got:
Kelvin Gregorio(10th Pick) Chito Jaime(14th Pick) Christian Cabatu(19th Pick)
Gregorio is a steal for SLR a big man that can shoot 3s, Jaime is a surprise player in the PBL and a good shooter and rebounder. Christian Cabatu is Big man that excels in defense.
B+ Gregorio and Jaime are both upgrades and will definitely help SLR in defending the Philippines Cup


Needs: Big Man
What they got:
No Draft Picks


Coca Cola
Needs: Young Bigs, PG,
What they got:
No Draft Picks





-TnT’s Jay Washington was moved to San Miguel Beer for 1st round draft rights. 


 -Joe Devance of formerly Wecoat, now Rain or Shine was traded to Alaska for first round pick Solomon Mercado and veteran Eddie Laure. 

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